Take the Slippery out of Slippery When Wet

Why I Don't Slip for Non-Slip Floors?

I Don't Slip is a cosmetically appealing solution to prevent slips and falls in showers and bathtubs and on tile floors. When you install our invisible chemical treatment, you’re helping to prevent injuries and decrease liability—in your home or at your business. While serious injuries resulting from a fall on slippery floors may seem rare, they are actually more common than you think. From broken bones to head injuries and even drowning, a slippery, unsafe bathtub could hurt or kill you.

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I Don’t Slip Omaha Non-Slip is the solution to protect you and your family or employees. This product creates an invisible tread that goes into the base of the bathtub or other surface without altering its color or appearance. In addition to residential tub and floor surfaces, I Don't Slip is used in health clubs, restaurants, schools, hospitals, and hotels to create safer wet surfaces for kitchens, locker rooms, pool decks, and bathrooms. Because I Don’t Slip Omaha Non-Slip is not a sealer, coating, or spray-on film, once installed, it will not chip or peel.

Make your tubs and floors safer and healthier for anyone who uses them. Guests or visitors who are unfamiliar with the area may miss a step or bump into an obstacle, making them more prone to slips and falls. As we age, our reaction time becomes slower, making elderly individuals more likely to fall on a wet floor. I Don't Slip Non-Slip increases protection for the handicapped, as restricted movement or vision can put them at risk for falling.

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I Don't Slip has been developed and proven to work for concrete, marble, porcelain, terrazzo, and several types of tile, including ceramic, quarry, and Spanish tile. It works indoors or outdoors, remaining highly effective in all types of weather. You can even use the floor, tub, or other surface immediately following the treatment application.

Ideal for commercial kitchens and locker rooms or any area of your home, I Don't Slip is also inexpensive! We’ve made our product effective and affordable. The cost of installation is minuscule compared to the potential medical expenses and lost work time caused by an injury. Prevent lawsuits, employee down time, and higher insurance costs by installing our no-slip treatment. The service life of the treatment is a minimum of one year for floors and up to five years for bathtubs. We strive to create long-term customer relationships with extended service contracts.

For a free product demonstration and information on our maintenance program, give us a call at 402-502-5310.

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