Take the Slippery out of Slippery When Wet

Learn About I Don't Slip

Woman slipping with dishes

Discover the incredible traction of a surface treated with I Don't Slip — the difference is significant. Even customers who intentionally ran and slid on treated floors to test out our products stopped quickly without falling. I Don't Slip is applied with a liquid solution and smoothed quickly over the surface, drying within minutes.

The professionals at I Don't Slip use a small container and handheld squeegee to quickly and evenly apply the treatment. Creating an invisible tread design that permeates into any hard mineral floor or porcelain/enamel bathtub, it increases the friction co-efficient of the surface by up to 400%. This friction level is guaranteed for one to five years—and backed up with a written guarantee. Once treated, the solution is neutralized and removed—no harmful chemicals, grit, or residue is left behind.

Every commercial entryway can become a danger to staff and customers on a rainy day, but when treated with I Don't Slip, these surfaces are safer than any dry surface left untreated. Just a few of our satisfied business customers include Hilton Hotels, Holiday Inn Hotels, Marriot Hotels, Seagram’s, Pizza Hut, Flanagan’s Seafood Bar & Grill, and IGA Supermarket.

This I don't slip distributor is insured and bonded, supported by an experienced team of industry experts.

If you are interested in installing I Don't Slip in your Omaha home or business, get in touch with us for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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